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Made in Quebec, Canada

Processes that make a difference

Message Factory is committed to bring quality, sustainability, and humanity back to the fashion industry. We incorporate sustainable practices into everything we do, from the sourcing of eco-fabrics to upcycling. By producing locally we create jobs for your neighbor, friends or family and ensure that garment workers have safe working conditions, a fair salary and that women are treated equally. Although these rights may seem basic, they are simply not guaranteed in many of the countries where clothing is manufactured today.

Making clothing in Canada allows us to keep a watchful eye on quality and truly partner with our local contractors on every step of the production process. We’re also able to produce in small batches, which mean producing to demand not to quotas. Lastly, our carbon footprint is lower as everything is made here and shipped within North America. No containers on ships crossing the pacific needed.

All of Message Factory’ products are designed, cut and sewn in Quebec, Canada. Most of our eco-friendly fabrics are knitted and dyed here using a process (Oeko-tex Standard 100) harmless for the health and for the environment. Our messages are also printed locally in Montreal using water-based inks that have been tested and formulated to be Non-Phthalate (inks or compounds that do not contain PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) resins or phthalate based plasticizers). Theses inks are also Oeko-Tex 100 compliant and do not contain any chemicals to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.

Once the production steps are completed every garment is brought back to our local warehouse where the last quality control happens. Garments will be inspected, tagged, folded and shipped by our team.

To stay coherent with our practices we do not use hangers or plastic wrapper and use recycled boxes to ship our goods to our network of retailers. Our Internet orders are also shipped in reusable 100% recycled poly bags.

Our messages, our relationships with others, our purchases and our work environment are regularly re-examined to ensure they are consistent with our values. We still have quite a ways to go to meet our own expectations, but we firmly believe that every little action can have an impact!

Design by our creative team
Quality control and labelling
Shipping 100% Eco