Upcycling project: Making Halloween Wreaths From Recycled Materials

Upcycling project: Making Halloween Wreaths From Recycled Materials

Fall has arrived, even if it seems like summer was just here! As part of Message Factory Upcycling initiative- to recuperate leftover fabrics and reuse preloved clothing, we are proposing a wonderful DYl family activity.


Here are the steps to make a Fall or Halloween wreath with the primary purpose of reusing and giving new life to what you have at home.

Project: Wreath

Required material:

- Swimming pool noodle
- Large adhesive tape
- Fabric pieces
- Hot glue or fabric glue
- Scissors


- Needle and sewing or fantasy thread
- Needle and wool
- Buttons of various sizes
- Fabric pencil
- Stuffing (an old pillow that we collect or the inside of a teddy bear!
- Sewing machine
- All the scary accessories that fall to your hand

Steps :

1. Cut the pool noodle in 2 in the center of the length or a little longer if desired. You can make a crown with your best friend by sharing the other half.

2. Using tape, join 2 ends and glue together.

3. Choose fabric leftover pieces and wrap them around the crown. Overlay tabs to hide the noodle and stick the ends with the tissue glue. You can layer fabrics of different colors for a wow effect! If you have a sewing machine on hand, you can sew a long rectangle of fabric into a tube to insert it on the noodle before gluing it, to have a background.

4. Imagine, using glue and pieces of fabric, accessories that are suited fo the occasion like a spider's web or ghosts. For a happier wreath, a pumpkin, candy, flowers or bows can be made to complement your creation.

Assemble everything and tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ☺, the most beautiful recycled (or should we say UPcycled) decoration of the neighborhood.


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