A small step

A small step is enough

It is good to inspire ourselves on a daily basis, either through books, people we meet and even social networks! These people we watch, who seem to know their way and that live their lives in such an easy comfortable way that it can be enviable. As if it had always been that way for them. However, recent or distant, it is most likely a change in their life that they made that caused it. How can you do it, how to reach it this comfort level, how can you draw your own life?

Let's start with a step back, to understand the mechanism of change. Change is here and now, and is only a step away from you. Easy? Yes and no. The first step is to realize that it is possible to accomplish change. To draw your life in a way that feels right for you. Big or small, it doesn’t matter; believe that change is a possibility. It‘s this first step that creates the movement towards a new. Once you’ve started, just continue the movement, get inspired, boost your confidence with willingness and keep moving forward.


Nothing needs to be perfect to make that first step. Whether it's to start a physical activity, meditation or to buy locally. The change begins with this first step that you will make, even if you are uncertain. Your first step will be to put on your running shoes and walk through the door. Once outside, you will start walking and every step will become a little faster, soon you will accomplish your first run. Change lies is in these five minutes of meditation that you will do, even if your mind will not be silent for a second. This meditation will be perfectly imperfect, but it will be the beginning of a regular practice.

Resist buying your clothes in a large chain might be the first step that you will make towards buying locally. The first time, you will feel a small sense of pride that will shortly go away. But, with time, making fewer meaningless purchases for more valuable ones will eventually create a sense of pride. You will feel happiness every day that you wear these Canadian made clothes that were sold at a local shop.


The step back is also important. It allows you to gently close your eyes and imagine what you want to create. What would my life look like if I drew it? Maybe it would be slightly different or completely different. It doesn’t matter. What matters are taking one step at a time, to initiate and create the movement of change. With that, step-by-step, you will draw the life of your dreams, at your own pace, because nothing presses. You have all the time. After all, an elephant eats one bite at a time. Here, now, take a small step back and reflect, to better create what you want to see in front. Life can be so beautiful and sweet when we can make it our own.

A deep desire to go somewhere, even without knowing the exact destination, is often what will draw you to go. This will create the first step, the one you may have been waiting for. One step is enough to make the first walk that will draw a life that looks like you. What will be this first step to create your path?



Tania Boucher