How To Select The Best Casual Dresses For Your Body Type

The Best Casual Dresses For Your Body Type

With so many stylish casual dresses available, it's important to look your best! Read our helpful guide to selecting the perfect dress for your body type.

The Best Casual Dresses For Your Body Type

In this guide, we'll cover the different body types and what looks best on them, so you can find a casual dress you'll love.

What are the Different Body Types?

Women come in a variety of shapes and sizes. By knowing your body type, you'll know how to dress your best and have a much easier time with dress shopping.

Here are 4 of the most common body types.

The Pyramide Body Shape

If you have larger hips and a tiny bust, you most likely have a pyramide-shaped body. This body type is defined by the following characteristics:

  • Your hips are larger than your bust
  • You have a defined waist
  • You have a long neck and slim arms and shoulders

The key to dressing this body type is enhancing and adding volume to your upper body, emphasizing your waist, and taking away attention from your lower body to create an hourglass appearance.

The O Body Shape

If you have an apple -shaped body, you're generally well-proportioned with a larger bust than the hip section.

Here are some key characteristics of this body type:

  • You carry most of your weight in your bust and mid-section
  • You don't have a well-defined waistline
  • You have a wide torso and a full bust and upper back

The key to dressing this body type is avoiding clothes that are too tight fitted or shapeless and drawing attention away from your waistline.

The Reverse Pyramid body shape

Shoulders are the widest area of the body. Your shoulders are wider than your waist and your hip measurements.

  • Your hips are smaller than your bust
  • Your lower legs are defined
  • You have a strong upper body

The key to dressing this body type is drawing attention to your lower body while taking attention away from your shoulders and bust. 

Hour Glass Body Shape

If your body is well balanced and proportioned, you most likely have an hourglass-shaped body.

Here are some of the key features of this body shape:

  • Your bust and hips are well balanced
  • You have a rounded body
  • You have a defined waist and rounded shoulders

The key to dressing this body type is accentuating your waist and showing off your curves. And although this body type is the one most women strive for, you still need to look for proper casual dresses so you don't end up dressing in an unflattering way.

How to Select the Best Casual Dresses for Your Body Type

Knowing your body type isn't enough to pick out perfect casual dresses. Here are some tips and tricks for picking a dress option that will flatter your body type.

If You Have a Pyramid-Shaped Body

You should look for dresses that have a more fitted or structured top. This will give you definition, narrow your shoulders, and draw attention to your waist. Drooped necklines, exposed backs, and belted casual dresses will emphasize your upper body.

A-line styles will also look great on you, and any hemline that falls right below the knee will lengthen your frame and make your hips and thighs look slimmer. Don't be afraid to add a waist-length jacket or any piece of outwear that hits your mid-thigh.

If You Have an O-Shaped Body

You should look for casual dresses that will emphasize your bust, legs, and arms. Strapless dresses will look great on you, so will dresses in lower necklines and wrap dresses. A-line styles will also look great on women with a curvier apple-shaped body.

In general, you'll look best in silhouettes that forego a traditionally structured waistline. If you're looking to give a dress as a gift, you should look for one of the following pieces:

  • A-line silhouettes
  • Tunics
  • V-Necks
  • Relaxed button ups

By embracing these body type tips, you'll be able to pick the most flattering pieces for your apple-shaped body.

If You Have a Reverse Pyramid Body Shape

You'll want to pick casual dress options that highlight your legs. Any A-line style will look great on you because it'll be fitted at the waist and widen toward them to make your hips and thighs look slimmer. The top of your dress should be embellished because it'll add volume to balance out your lower half.

Ruffled tops, bow-tie necklines, and fitted blazers that emphasize your small waist will also look great on you. And when in doubt, add a belt to add definition to your waist!

If You Have an Hour Glass Body Shape

You'll want to define your waist and show off your curve in body-hugging silhouettes. Hourglass-shaped bodies look great in more structured, tailored silhouettes, and things like the wrap dress and empire silhouette will great on you.

You should avoid flowy styles, however, as they'll make your body look shapeless.

Form-fitting dresses and wrap tops will look great on you. Fitted blazers and trench coats will also pair well with any casual dresses you wear.

Final Thoughts

Every person and every human body is beautiful in its own unique way. This dressing guideline is meant to be a starting point to help you find casual dresses that make you look (and feel) beautiful.

Whether you have an apple-shaped body type or an hourglass figure, there are stylish dress options out there for you! Hopefully, this guide will help you find a fashionable option you truly love.

Did we not include your body type? Were there any dressing tips and tricks we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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