Choosing a comfort chic look for the Holidays (and for the well being of the planet!)

Choosing a comfort chic look for the Holidays

Ah, the Holidays ... It's the season to wear chic outfits, shiny accessories ... it's the time of year when you wear your most beautiful clothes or shop for a special little dress to celebrate the New Year. 

All this is fine, but a few weeks ago, when I was cleaning my wardrobe, I realized that I had more than one chic outfit in there and yet, even if I didn’t wear them a lot, I didn’t feel like wearing them again this year. Various reasons behind this... I’m getting older, my body has changed, I no longer have the same taste or my choices at the time were just too "trendy".

After taking out the equivalent of 2 big bags out of my closet of all kinds of clothes (there were pieces in there that I wore a lot and kept for a long time) I, sincerely, told myself that I would never fill my wardrobe that way again. I admit I am far from the perfect consumer, but, like many, I am being more conscious. During this cleanup, I looked at some pieces and said to my self  "Mmmm, I didn’t wear this very much", but, it still looked old, used and a little distorted, so I knew I wasn’t going to wear those again.

To be honest, most of these pieces, I had bought at a lower price and too much according to trends. Today, I realize the impact on the environment, given the number of donations I have on the edge of my door, ready for the Renaissance organization. All this to tell you that this year, and for the future, I commit to buying less, pay a little more to ensure durability and mostly to choose versatile pieces that I can wear again or style differently according to the occasion. I will only buy items that I love, fewer impulses, won’t let my self-fall for the trends that won’t last... and of course, as much as possible, I will make the effort to buy local and ethical. Amen!


So this season for the Holidays, we do have beautiful dresses to offer! But, unlike other brands, we want to focus beyond trends and focus more on versatility, comfort, and multiple uses. Because, let's be honest ... after the 2 or 3 somewhat formal nights you might have this Holiday season, we want to make sure that you will wear the styles you've chosen again and again! So here are some key pieces of our new winter 2019 collection, it is filled with versatile tunics and comfortable dresses made in Canada.


This is the perfect example of a silhouette that follows trends, but not too much! We had the pleasure to introduce this style earlier this season in recycled cotton. For those you love our recycled fabric, we still have some sizes left, but let's say that they sold fast! For the winter collection, we have 2 new models this time in French Terry made from bamboo.



New this season, the Hazel dress is the perfect dress for women who want to wear a casual chic look. Women who hate pantyhose will wear it with leggings and a pretty boot. After the Holidays, pair it with a long open sweater like an Aspen cardigan, and you'll get an outfit for everyday wear or a casual dinner out with friends.




A turtleneck can really help you accomplish a dressy look! Combined it with plaid trousers, a jumper-style dress or a high-waisted skirt and you're set! A shiny necklace or big earrings will add a touch of glamour to your look. Afterward, it will look great under an open cardigan with organic jeans for your weekend outings. Add sporty boots for the perfect everyday look.



This is the most formal dress in our winter collection. Certainly, you may need another event in your calendar to wear this beautiful dress again. On the other hand, what will make it last through the years is its classic and advantageous silhouette. With its rushing on the side, it really does great for the figure, the V-neckline is flattering and the choice of classic colors makes this dress a "must have" that will not go out of style. Add leather boots or heels, a jewel, and all you have left to do is open the door to your guests! Cheers!

Karina Roy