Running, no thank you…but

Running, no thank you…but

I'm not a big runner. Yet I ran a few 5 km, 10 km, one half marathon in the past and I still go out occasionally, like a marmot in the spring, for a 25 minutes run around the block. Basically I am a never satisfied runner…I am hard to please and picky. Weather has to be nice, I have to be comfortable, I have to have the best possible playlist in my iPod and, ideally, I have to be in great shape to be able to exceed the time and distance of my last outing. It's simple when I run, I'm bored ... I don’t see the fun in running with no purpose.

But why, then, talk to you about running? If you saw the film "Sara loves to run" you understand that her passion for running is also her way to escape... Most runners have the talent to enjoy the present moment when they put on their running shoe. I don’t. They don’t need the rhythm of a Pitbull song or a Rock and Roll hit in their iPod to jog for 30, 40 or 60 minutes.

Many of you have the talent of running. You are able to run just for the pleasure of running. Breathing the fresh air, looking at the landscape, emptying your mind of your everyday life and stressful moments and just running without constraints. For me, this effect lasts for about 3 minutes ... the rest of the time I think too much, I focus on my rhythm ... I sing ... I try to remember to breathe ... actually, I don’t relax for a second. But this beneficial effect of running, I understand it very well, because I still managed to experience it in the practice of other sports.

So, even if running is not for me, I urge you to try it. You will find in running (or walking fast) all the benefits for your body but especially how your mind can benefit from this so energizing mental break. Jogging is one of the most accessible sports ... put on your sneakers ... open the door and voila! It's an easy way to recharge your mind and feel better. And if, like me, jogging is not your "cup of tea"; then try other activities that will provide you with the same mental benefits and freedom. I challenge you to take a different approach, we often talk about sport for the body, but think about the benefits of your mind first and the rest will follow.

What activity or sport gives you mental energy?

Karina Roy