Upcycling project: recycled fabric book cover

Upcycling project: recycled fabric book cover

It’s back to school time! We offer you an ecological alternative to plastic book cover. Here are the instructions to create it with fabric, it's simple, ifast and easy to make! Mesure the book you want to cover; open. Then add 5cm by sides and 2 cm for top and bottom and here you go!

Required material :

-     About 0,25 cm of fabric (more if you cover a book bigger than the one we have covered) or two fabrics sewn together if you want to assemble several scraps. Ours is about 28 cm by 44 cm (8 ½ X 11) You can use old clothes, curtains, blanket ...

-      Thread in a color that goes with the fabric (or fusible interlinings if you do not have a sewing machine)

-      Iron

-      Fabric scraps, buttons, ropes ...

-      Hot glue gun or fabric glue

-      Scissors


1. Start by cutting your fabric about 60 x 36 cm.

2. Lay the book flat and centered on your fabric with the interior of the book facing up.

3. Fold the sides over the book and pin (see photo 1.)

4. Draw the seams as you wish them top and bottom (this is to leave some space for the book so you can easily slide it in its cover, but not too much so that it does not slip!)

5. Remove the book and sew along, with a small back stitch at the end of your lines.

6. Flip the fabric. You can also iron it to better shape the edges.

7. Decorate it with your inspiration!

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