Resolution 2019: less waste!

Resolution 2019: less waste!

I finished 2018 with the satisfaction of having accomplished several projects. Now, I'm more than ready to start the new year. It’s often a classic for everyone, the beginning of a year rhymes with realization.

Usually, I have big resolutions that I have difficulty achieving. Maybe they are too ambitious for me. It led me to focus more on goals. I can plan, evaluate, update and, most importantly, execute them. With a good schedule, I feel like I respect what I have established.


So, this year, I decided to have the goal of reducing my waste. To reach it, I made small steps to do. I do not want to make a 180-degree turn, because it will be very likely that I will give up before the end of January. I'm already conscious of the environment, it will not be too difficult. I've recycled for years, I use containers instead of plastic bags, and I travel as much as possible without my car. What more could I do?

First, I decided to use more washable products to make my life easier. I bought myself cleansing pads, reusable sandwich bags, wrapping cloth for food and vegetable bags. These are small things that change my consumer habits. When I started, I was a little skeptical, because I was afraid of not having the automatism to take them. I was wrong! I'm so happy with their effectiveness that I forgot what I used before. I can go the next step.


To reduce overpackage, I would like, by the spring, to buy in bulk stores. I always fill my recycle bin with packaging, I want to cut that down. Otherwise, I lose my sight. I have several containers that sleep in my cabinets, they will be perfect to get what I need. At the moment, I am in search of shops to start. I'll be ready for spring. Then, what could I do?


Source image: Bouclée - Créations uniques 

In summer, I wish to take commercial household products no longer. I already wash the inside of my car with water and vinegar. But, I feel the need to try biodegradable products to clean. Besides, it is as effective as a product with all kinds of chemical ingredients. And the smell is better! As I often do my spring cleaning in the summer, it would be a good time to start. Maybe I'll finish by myself, prepare them. Who knows?


I am not adding anything else for now. I want to start by respecting those, to achieve my goal. What I like with my choices is that it will sensitize my children to see other options to reduce our consumption. I am sure they will embark on this change. They are more open, and they care about the environment. It will become a family project. I am convinced that I may be doing more than I expected because this objective is close to my heart and I care about our planet. That's it, I'm ready for 2019!

PTo find:

Beeswax wraps: La P'tite Fabrique

Sandwichs bags: Omaïki

Stain remover soap: Bulles et Calendules

Reusable bags: Bouclée - Créations uniques

Caroline Tremblay