Save the planet, wear hemp!

Save the planet, wear hemp!

What is hemp?

Hemp fabric is made from cannabis sativa fiber. The Cannabis Sativa is probably the most common type of cannabis in the world and also offers the most uses.  The usage of hemp fiber as materials for clothing is not something new. Hemp fiber has been used for thousands of years. Our ancestors used hemp 10,000 years ago because of its extremely high fiber content and multiple uses. 

Why is hemp the best sustainable fabric?

Hemp is the most ecological fabric; it grows quickly like weeds and is resistant to insects and diseases. It requires no pesticide, no weed-killer and not much water to grow (1/3 of what cotton requires). By planting hemp instead of cotton today, we can produce 250% more fiber on the same amount of land. Aside from all the environmental reasons for supporting the hemp industry, this vegan fabric is the most durable of natural fibers: 3.3 times more durable than cotton. The extended life of hemp means that if everyone wore it, we could reduce by one third the resources needed to clothe the planet.


Hemp breathes, moistures and protects

Hemp fibers are hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Wearing hemp clothing promotes personal health in a variety of ways. Clothes made of hemp breathe better, are more absorbent and more mildew resistant. Fabric made using 50% hemp or higher like our new Message Factory hemp fabric will block more UV rays than non-hemp fabrics. Since we blend it with Tencel and Spandex, our new hemp is a great fabric for traveling; it is less wrinkly and more comfortable. The more our hemp fabric is wash, the softer it gets and it is fully biodegradable.


Source in China, made locally

Our hemp fabric is imported from China and it is certified OCS (Organic - Certified - Standard). This plant could easily be cultivated in the climate and soils of Canada but for now, because of legislation, we haven’t found any local suppliers. Once the fabric arrives, our hemp dresses; tunics and skirts are completely made here in Quebec, Canada. We hope that one day we can have a product that is sourced 100% in Canada! Buy hemp and save the world!



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