6 Stylish Ways to Wear Tunics

6 Stylish Ways to Wear Tunics

Are you looking for something stylish that can be worn all year round?

Then this fashion staple is a must-have for every wardrobe! Tunics are versatile when it comes to their shape, making it easy for anyone to style.

And the best part? They're often made of light, breathable fabrics. Our tunics are crafted using Tencel which is softer and less likely to wrinkle, unlike traditional cotton.

With that said, you can wear a tunic during hot summer months or cold wintery days. No matter the weather you'll always look stylish.

Ready to find out the best ways to style a tunic?

Let's get into it!

Long Sleeve Tunic with Leggings and Loafers

For a look that's acceptable for the workplace, pair a long sleeve tunic with classic black leggings and loafers to match. Leggings are always good to match with tunics because they keep the legs looking long and lean.

If you were to pair them with equally billowy pants, it'd give you more of a shapeless look. You need something to break up the looseness of the tunic.

Loafers give a timeless look that can easily go from work time to playtime. They're great for running errands or hosting a business meeting.

When paired with a tunic, you look effortless. It takes no time at all to throw one on with leggings and loafers.

To complete the look, keep jewelry to a minimum and choose a cross body bag that contrasts nicely with the outfit's color palette.

Solid Colored Long Sleeve Tunic with Faux Leather Leggings and Printed Flats

This look works great as a monochrome outfit or you can easily incorporate a pop of color. Choose a tunic in a neutral color such as black, grey, white or blush with the same colored leggings to match.

For a bit of texture and shine, faux leather leggings are a great pick. If you think you can't pull them off, you definitely can when you pair them with a tunic.

Since there's a lot of texture with the pants, you'll want to keep the top as simple as possible. That's why choosing one in a solid color works best. Stay away from prints or other shiny textures as it'll clash with the loud leggings.

If you're wanting a pop of color or a print, save it for the shoes! It's a great way to add a contrasting color or a crazy pattern without going overboard.

Or, if you're going for a monochrome look, keep the whole outfit in one color and choose a shoulder bag with a loud print or bright color.

Loose-Fitted Tunic with Cropped Jeans and Booties

For casual days, loose-fitting tunics are a great choice. They're airy and you won't have any problems with them clinging to your backside while you run errands.

To keep it more on the laid-back side, pair them with a light or dark wash cropped jean. Or, just create a cuff by rolling up your favorite pair of denim.

This style of jean keeps the torso looking long with the focus being on the tunic. And nothing goes better with cropped jeans than a great ankle boot.

It keeps the look relaxed but adds a peek of skin. Complete the look with a long necklace with a detailed pendant.

Fitted Tunic with Flared Jeans and Wedges

While this look is more geared towards the warmer seasons, you can easily swap out of the wedges for boots for chillier months.

The reason we pair a fitted tunic with flared jeans is that the tighter shape allows for more volume on the bottom. And since most flared jeans aren't suited for sneakers, the wedges give you more height so you won't ruin your pants.

It's a sleek look with a more casual feel. Your legs will look long and your curves accentuated.

If you have a more petite figure, be sure to choose a top that isn't too long. It can make your legs look shorter, giving you an awkward shape.

If you're bustier or have a fuller figure, make sure it's fitted below the waistline. If it hits you directly under the bust, this will shorten your torso.

Billowy Tunic and Jacket with Cropped Jeans and Sandals

This outfit is great for weather that's not too hot nor too cold.

If you're wanting to minimize the look of a billowy tunic, adding a jacket is a chic way to contain it. If you're thinking it'll make you look bigger than you actually are, don't worry. It'll make you look more streamlined instead.

Cropped jeans are always a good choice when it comes to sandals. Since you're so covered up on top, the cropped jeans and sandals expose skin while also making your legs look longer.

You strike a balance because all body parts are accentuated. If you wear a fitted jacket, that creates curves and the sandals create the illusion of longer legs.

It's best to keep jewelry and other accessories to a minimum. Don't choose a chunky bag as it'll overwhelm the look. For jewelry, feel free to go bold with a statement earring and forgo the necklace and bracelets.

Long Sleeve Tunic with Jeans, Boots and a Hat

When the weather turns cold, you'll need a go-to outfit. Tunics make it easy because half the work is already done for you. They give you a little something extra than if you were to wear a plain t-shirt.

You look put together in a matter of seconds, especially when paired with jeans and a simple hat.

The reason for the hat is because you can easily look overwhelmed with a chunky scarf. It can make you look like you're drowning in a sea of fabric.

Keep it simple and to the point by choosing a slimming pair of jeans and cute ankle boots.

Wrapping Up Six Ways to Style Tunics

With tunics being so versatile, it can be hard to style them sometimes. It's all about finding a balance so your limbs look long and lean, rather than shortened.

No matter your size or shape, anyone can wear one!

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Karina Roy