5 reasons to choose recycled wool clothes

5 reasons to choose recycled wool

The cold season is fast approaching and most of us will start wearing less cotton to make room for thicker and warmer fabrics. Organic cotton being the most used ecological fabric, we sometimes wonder what are our alternatives for eco-friendly fabrics that are warmer but still healthy for the planet. More light on recycled wool.



1-Environmental benefits

The production of regular wool requires vast amounts of land; energy, water, and chemicals to convert the wool from the sheep into beautifully dyed wool products. One way to lessen the impact of wool production is to use recycled wool.



Message Factory uses reclaimed wool made from discarded wool sweaters that are shred into usable fibers and mixed with polyester and nylon for strength. Our reclaimed wool fabric is from Prato, Italy. The Calamai brothers reclaim the wool from old garments and scrap mechanically, not chemically, and minimize the need to re-dye by carefully sorting colors. Using recycled wool reduces the land use, it also reduces waste, contributes less air, water, and soil pollution.



Credit: Core77 / Recycling Wool the Hard Way, Since the 19th Century

2-Our reclaimed wool is softer on the skin

When most people think about wool clothing, they imagine itchy, scratchy sweaters. Sheep come in many shapes, sizes, and degrees of fluffiness. Our recycled wool contains many types of wool including merino wool, which is one of the softest wool available. Our reclaimed wool fabric used in our collection has a softer side on the interior to minimize itching. So you can get all the benefits of the wool without feeling any roughness


Recycled wool scarf

3-The durability factor

Due to the high quality and durability of the wool fiber, the average life of a wool garment is 2-10 years depending on use, compared to 2-3 years for a typical cotton or synthetic garment. This statistic, incidentally, is not without its own significance: surveys show that consumers use woolen products longer between washes due to wool’s natural ability to keep itself clean or be refreshed by airing, which reduces the energy and water impacts of woolen garments.


3-Clothes that breathe

Wool has the natural ability to breath and can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture due to its hydrophilic core. This is then naturally released as vapor in to the air and provides comfort from perspiration. Wool is more effective than synthetics at absorbing perspiration caused by exertion. The natural absorption of wool moves moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate, ensuring coolness and dryness. 


Tunique Abélia en laine recyclée

5-Stain resistant and easy care

Wool has a protective layer that prevents stains from being absorbed. As it is also anti-static, it picks up less dust and lint from the air.  It was formerly thought that synthetics dry at a faster rate than wool, however, the latest technology enables wool to be as quick drying.



Poncho Artic 

Give recycled wool a try…you will feel proud to tell the story behind your wool dress or wool sweater plus you will provide your closet with a piece that will last for years.


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