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  • Choosing a comfort chic look for the Holidays (and for the well being of the planet!)

    Choosing a comfort chic look for the Holidays (and for the well being of the planet!)

    Ah, the Holidays ... It's the season to wear chic outfits, shiny accessories ... it's the time of year when you wear your most beautiful clothes or shop for a special little dress to celebrate the New Year. 

  • Is recycled sustainable?

    Is recycled sustainable?

    Have you heard lately of giant retailers putting bins in their stores to recuperate clothes? Do you know that less than one per cent of clothing is recycled to make new clothing? Customers are urged to donate "any clothes or home textiles that are no longer wanted or needed" so they can be "given a new purpose."

  • Exclusive "SAVE & SWAP" evening

    Exclusive "SAVE & SWAP" evening

    Exclusive "SAVE & SWAP" evening

    Friday, september 28th 2018 from 4 pm to 9 pm

  • Happiness in little things

    Happiness in little things

    Positive thinking, happy messages on mugs, downloadable files, clothes, can these practices really increase our level of happiness?

  • Braderies: your know-it-all guide to this BIG sale event

    Braderies: your know-it-all guide to this BIG sale event

    The upcoming season of “braderies” is at our doorstep and most of Quebec designers are in full preparation! Indeed, the Grande Braderie de Mode Québécoise produced by Anne De Shalla is one of the preferred fashion events of fashionistas and bargain hunters.   

  • Making organic clothing the next organic food

    Making organic clothing the next organic food

    For the past 5 years, there has been a visible movement towards consuming organic products in North America. In Canada, organic is regulated by the government and must follow national standards. There are over 3780 organic farms in Canada covering 953 thousand hectares of land. Supporting local organic farmers and producers is more than just a trend it’s a new way of thinking, shopping and eating for young Canadians.

    Total annual retail sales of certified organic products in Canada are approximately 5.4 billion up from $3.5 billion in 2012, and 66% of Canadian shoppers are purchasing organic items weekly. Plus, 80% of organic shoppers make organic purchases at regular grocery stores. That means that retailers are also making the change so organic products are more available to Canadian consumers.  

  • Save the planet, wear hemp!

    Save the planet, wear hemp!

    What is hemp?

    Hemp fabric is made from cannabis sativa fiber. The Cannabis Sativa is probably the most common type of cannabis in the world and also offers the most uses.  The usage of hemp fiber as materials for clothing is not something new. Hemp fiber has been used for thousands of years. Our ancestors used hemp 10,000 years ago because of its extremely high fiber content and multiple uses. 

  • A small step

    A small step

    It is good to inspire ourselves on a daily basis, either through books, people we meet and even social networks! These people we watch, who seem to know their way and that live their lives in such an easy comfortable way that it can be enviable. As if it had always been that way for them. However, recent or distant, it is most likely a change in their life that they made that caused it. How can you do it, how to reach it this comfort level, how can you draw your own life?

  • Selling Quebec: Signé Local

    Selling Quebec: Signé Local

     I wanted to tell you about my visit to the new Signé Local store in Quartier Dix30 in Brossard.  This unique store also sells our latest Canadian made collection.

  • Being a mother

    Being a mother

    I'm a Mom. Since my second child, this statement has taken on its full meaning. Not that I did not feel like a mom before giving birth to my second child, but because this path has continued to deepen significantly. I am a perfectionist, which despite the good sides of this trait of personality; can be very invasive at times and can be a huge weight for the people who surround me.