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At Message Factory, we are convinced that if we were to pool all of our special talents, together we could save the world! Our purpose is to convince you to be a part of it.

Our goal is to touch people in their everyday lives through our inspiring messages. We aim to remind people of the power in within each of us and how we can make a difference. Theses messages are delivered through joyful garments that we make locally in Montreal, Canada using organic and recycled fabrics.


We think that together, we can make the world a greener happier, more beautiful place; one garment at the time.

We believe in creating and producing locally garments that will inspire kindness and respect in all aspects of life. Inspiring our generation to adopt a socially and environmentally responsible lifestyle is our motivation.

Our commitment to sustainability, community, and doing right inspires us every day to find innovative ways. Our newest program “UPCYCLING” by Message Factory is the perfect example. This initiative allows us to produce one-of- a-kind kids and household creations from raw materials that are sourced from leftover fabrics or from previously loved Message Factory garments.

Click here if you would like to learn more about our Upcycling program and how you can donate clothes or buy to support local causes.


Launched in 2005 by Julie Rochefort, Message Factory has thrived on “doing well” while “doing good”. Before it all started, Julie had a passion for words, the survival of our planet and believed that we were all born with a purpose. Hers was to inspire people to find their own path and convince them to never let go of their dreams. The Company of Free Spirits was born.

Message Factory creates ethical products with inspiring messages that encourage people to enjoy life, slow down and appreciate the world.

To this day Julie is still at the head of the company and every season Message Factory presents happy and joyful collections while honoring the brand’s philosophy that rests on the respect for the environment and the community. Production is kept at home in Quebec, Canada, to create and maintain local employment.

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